Weinheimer Opel Law Firm

Experienced Business Attorneys and Estate Planners in Edwardsville, Illinois Serving the Madison County and the Greater St. Louis Region

Our firm was founded on this principle: today's legal challenge should be resolved with tomorrow's success in mind. We are committed to providing our business and family clients comprehensive legal advice that protects their short-term and long-term interests — allowing them to rest easy, knowing they are in good hands. We also recognize that success means little if it is not shared, and we see the law as a means to do well while also doing good. You can rely on us to serve your legal needs without losing sight of your central goal to benefit your family, community, employees, customers, shareholders and others.

Based in Edwardsville, Illinois, our attorneys are fortunate to have formed lasting relationships with clients throughout the Metro-East and St. Louis, in addition to national companies with local ties. We welcome you to learn more about us, our work, and how we can partner with you — not just to meet your legal needs, but to exceed your expectations regarding service, expertise and results.